Thursday, July 26, 2012

Making sense of the numbers -- overview of Voter ID in Philadelphia

  •  Phila total registered voters: 1.026 million
  • Active voters (meaning voted in the last 4 years): 868,674
  • "No ID" voters for Philly (active): 186,560 (135,859)
  • "Expired for Philly: 175,769 (146,750)
  • No ID or Expired, active 282,609 (32.5 percent of all Philly active voters)
 Just to put that last number in perspective, that is 7 packed Citizens Bank Parks full of Phillies fans who could lose their right to vote in November.

Using other data fields in the Philadelphia voter file, crosstabs can be run by age, party registration, and all levels of voting and legislative districts.

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